Terms & Conditions


For products made to order or harvested to order, your initial order is binding. If your order needs changing we will endeavour to accommodate, but can make no guarantees.


Our products are produced by small artisan producers and as a consequence of seasonality and production schedules, products may be unavailable or of limited supply. If you are concerned about availability of an item you want to list on a menu please do not hesitate to call the office.


If you require a historic proof of delivery an administration fee of $10 may be charged per request.


All returns must be claimed within 24 hours of delivery, no claims will be recognised after this period. All goods to be returned must be stored at the correct temperature and in original packaging. A credit will be issued upon return of goods.


We welcome temperature checks on all our goods but will only accept returns when the following procedure is followed:

  1. Temperature must be checked immediately on delivery, in the presence of the driver. All drivers and couriers have been instructed to wait for a temperature check on request. 

  2. If a reading is outside the acceptable range the driver must be notified. Following this a reading of the internal temperature will be taken using a probe thermometer. Any goods spoiled in this process will be returned with the driver and will be credited against the customer’s account. If the reading is still outside the acceptable range, the goods can be returned with the driver and a full credit will be given.

  3. The driver will record the temperature of the goods and the delivery vehicle and the time. A temperature reading for the delivery vehicle will be taken and recorded on the invoice. 

  4. On return of the goods a credit will be issued to the customer, the goods will be disposed of and a corrective action will be raised. 


Some artisan products are from time to time out of stock. If this is the case we will endeavour to supply the closest possible substitute. We will attempt to call and notify you, but if the delivery has left prior to contacting you then a substitute may be made. If it is not appropriate to your needs please simply return it to the driver and a full credit will be made to your account.